September 16, 2008

Just My Luck

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , at 9:21 am by Rev. Thomas Perchlik

Yesterday morning I visited the local coffee shop on the way to my office.  I sat for a while to enjoy a lite oatmeal breakfast and my usual dark roast.  I thought I might chat with acquaintances, but I was alone this morning.  One of the women who works there during the day is someone I first met when I did her mother’s funeral several years ago.  She waved to me from across the room.

I never met her mother, I was told that her mom had liked the UUs and that if she had ever joined a church it would have been a UU one.  In the memorial I was able to affirm the spirituality she had found in the teaching of Sai Baba, which was a comfor to her daughter, a New York City girl transplanted to the Midwest.   Then, a year later, I conducted the young woman’s wedding which marked the beginning of a very happy marriage. Both after the funeral and after the wedding my friend said she would come to hear me preach, but I don’t remember ever attending a worship service, and I know she has never made a pledge or contribution to the church.  Yet still she claims me as “my minister.”

Yesterday, as I got up to leave, she came up to tell me that she was still working on her massage therapy license and that she had won a scholarship. I gave her congratulations and she reminded me that her mom had been a massage therapist.  She was excited and hopeful about her path. Then she asked me to keep her in my thoughts and words, (that is ‘in my prayers,’) “Because,” she explained, “You are my lucky charm” and then gave me a big hug.

It was a sweet thing to say, and made me smile, but upon reflection it seemed a little ironic.  Of all the things I knew that ministers were and did, I had never before been told that we sometimes served as lucky charms; that we are kept near like rabbits feet, tokens of the good things in life, of hope and positive possibilities.  It is a nice role, but as the saying goes, “Why do we think rabbits feet are lucky, when they weren’t lucky for the rabbit?”

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