March 2, 2011

The New U: Ringing the Bell

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , at 3:55 pm by Rev. Thomas Perchlik

Rev. Robert Bell may have done us a great favor. The question is will we take advantage of it? Rob Bell has announced his new book “Love Wins” has generated a lot of short term condemnation from his more conservative Christian brothers and sisters. He has generated their ire by daring to suggest, to PROCLAIM, that there is no such thing as an eternal Hell. Check out his cool book preview at:

I have long felt that as the institutional inheritors of American Universalsim we have been hiding a powerful message in our back closets. Lately we have been saying that we “Stand on the Side of Love.” Christian Universalism is the primary root of this idea. So, will we capitalize on Rob Bell’s recent celebrity and publicity by enunciating our ability to affirm and include his message in our lager faith? Will we say to everyone that Origen as well as Arius, Gregory of Nyssa as well as Servetus, James Relly as well as Charles Chauncy, Robert Bell and Carlton Pearson as well as our current Unitarian Universalist leaders are all part of the really good news of inclusion, love and faith?

If we do so then we will gain from Rob’s notoriety and turn even more people to the side of Love.


  1. Even if Bob Bell is not a universalist and simply replaces an eternal Hell with “the outer darkness” or “second death,” he still will have done us a favor if we correctly catch a hold of the media storm around his book.

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