July 25, 2016

Mimi Hubert

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:03 pm by Rev. Thomas Perchlik

I served First Unitarian of Saint Louis for five very good years.  Sadly, as I was getting ready to leave one member of my congregation was going through her last days.  It grieved me not only to hear that Mimi Hubert hd died, but also to know i would not be unable to lead the service in celebration of her life.  I was very glad that Mimi’s friend, the Rev. Margaret O’Neal could lead the service.  I was glad to write a short rememberance that Margaret could read to my fellow mourners.  I want to share those words here also, because they speak to the nature of our religion:
“When I Think of Mimi, I Smile”

Rev. Thomas Perchlik, July 2016

I every time that I saw Mimi Hubert, even when she was very ill, she smiled. Sometimes her smile was a simple gesture like the half-smile of the Buddha: compassionate and kind. She knew the pain and difficulty of relationships gone awry. Still, she smiled sweetly. Sometimes it was that big goofy grin, full of her humor and good will. She was willing to look for the good in any situation. 

When Mimi was the center of planning and organization for the huge RainbowCon, when a couple of hundred youth gathered in this church, she worked for months to put everything in order. It was serious work. As we arrived at that weekend the stress of the work was obvious in her face. And yet, often I saw her smiling, opening her arms wide to give anyone a hug, and enjoying the happy energy of all those fine young people growing in the garden she had prepared for them.  

Even in the hospital, recovering from difficult treatments and struggling with depression, she smiled, laughed, and showed immense kindness to others who were more ill than she was. When ever I think of Mimi, I smile

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