November 26, 2008

The Wrong Kind of Christian

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To follow up on my Pailin post for Thanksgiving I am tempted to talk about the silly practice of “pardoning” turkeys (as if they committed some crime, as if that makes up for the millions killed…) and the tricksy news camera man who set her up.  Instead I want to draw more attention to the sermon that was preached by visiting preacher Thomas Muthee at the Wasilla Assembly of God. 

Pailin was chosen for her merging of political and religious views and I assume that his views match hers.  His basic orientaion was that righetousness is the absence of evil and corruption.  He spoke nothing about “doing justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with God.” 

His sermon focused on the need for “believers” to take control of society.  He enumerated several areas in which he felt true Christian believers needed to be in charge, including Finances, Education, Media, the Courts and Governement.  The odd thing was his ‘why.’ For example, Chrisitans needed to take over financial institutions.  Why?  Because then there would not be all this corruption and mismanagment.  Nieve does not begin to describe this opinion.  Christians must take over Education.  Why? Is it because an educated mind is essential for a healthy person, is it because an educated citizenry is essential for a well functioning democracy, is it because critical thinking skills, an understanding of the scientific method, and a familiarity with history will help people make better, wiser decisions?  No, its becuase if we have Christians in education then there won’t be any controversy about prayer in schools, just as if there are Christians in the courts no one will be trying to get rid of the Ten Commandments. 

This is from a man who’s ministry has become famous for identifying and rebuking witches. He actually named a woman in Wasilla who was causing car accidents.  I am sure he understands what goodness is, in and of itself.  The problem is that he is leading people to primarily live by a negative definition of goodness and to create a negative politics of witch-hunts, finger pointing and judgement of others without any real self-criticism and tempering doubt.  This is the worst kind of politics and religion.  It nurtures fear above hope.  It is good to point out what is wrong in the world and in our actions, but the solution should be doing good things and cooperation, not casting out demons and blaming others.