July 25, 2008

Speaking of Faith

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I really love Krista Tippett’s show and website, “Speaking of Faith.”  Her approach is deeply pluralistic, curious, and intelligent.  Her show embodies the best of religious conversation and dialogue.  I love that she spends more than an hour with each person and she gives us nearly 50 minutes of each conversation.  I love that she take religion seriously as an essential and universal aspect of human living.  I love that the website has pages to accompany each episode with extended quotes, links and music files.  It is a great show. 

One recent episode featured my UU colleague Rev. Kate Braestrup who works up in Main as a chaplain for the park service.  The conversation revealed some classic elements of UU theology, very human centered and life affirming. 

Today I listened to the full interview she conducted with Dr. Mayfair Yang on Chinese Religiosities.  I liked the emphasis that Mayfair puts on the universal need for ritual and structures of meaning for facing death. It was interesting to hear of the Confucian ideals cherished by modern Chinese, so very humanistic and ethical.  I found echos of my faith in the classic ideas of interconnectedness and reciprocity.