June 21, 2008

Why Blog?

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:25 am by Rev. Thomas Perchlik

I have found it difficult to become a real “blogger.” That is, I have trouble making regular posts, using the blog as a consistent source of writing that is updated all the time.  I was surprised to read my previous blog and notice that it had several spelling and grammatical errors and I noticed that there were a few sentences that needed to be expanded upon or clarified.  At first my impulse was to go back and rewrite the essay, but then I began to wonder if the point of blogging is to post great essays, that one might read over and over, or is it to be “in the moment” always writing something new, responding to the lightning speed of the cyber and pop culture?    When I began this blog I thought I would share one experience each week from my life as a minister, to show UUism from the point of view of one of its paid leaders.  But then sometimes the most striking experiences were those that were to private or confidential to share and others seemed to unfocused to make for good reading.  Is this a sort of journal or diary, or is it a set of essays designed to help people explore UUs?  And who is my audience?  Is it other UU ministers, active members of my church, people new to the faith and curious about its workings?  Should I be writing about theological ideas or what? I do like that I get interesting responses to my posts.  I helps me understand what I am doing, since all words are really about communication. So, my plan is to go back to setting an appointment to post each week, giving myself about 40 minutes to complete the post, and then see what comes up.  If I become clearer about what I want to post the posts might then increase in frequency.